Data Mining: Top 10 Search Keywords in Google

Today (as of 14 Feb 2010) as interest I would like to know what people around the world search for about data mining. So, I have compiled a statistic of data mining keywords and their results (using Google search engine) for your information.

Top 10 search keywords list are:

Ranking Search Volume Keyword
1 31,600,000 data mining algorithms
2 22,700,000 data mining
3 18,800,000 data mining techniques
4 15,700,000 data mining tools
5 14,800,000 data mining jobs
6 6,740,000 data mining examples
7 6,170,000 data mining software
8 2,700,000 data mining definition
9 1,020,000 data mining wiki
10 789,000 data mining and knowledge discovery


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