Top 10 Search Competition of Data Mining Software in Google, Yahoo & Bing

In my previous post, I write about “Top 10 Search Competition of Data Mining Algorithms in Google, Yahoo & Bing“. However, I would also like to know the popularity of existing data mining software/tools in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. Similarly, by using keyword research tool, I managed to pull out top 10 data mining software in these search engines. FYI, for the search competition, I used setting such as “keyword exists anywhere” in the page document. I also add keyword “data mining” to each of the software name to make it specific that we try to search “data mining software”, not something else. Please correct me if my approach is wrong, OK.
From the result, in Google search engine, top 3 data mining software are Excel, R and Statistica. It appears that these three software also dominated top 10 of search results for Yahoo and Bing search engines. However, “R data mining” software results for these search engines can be argued because of the single alphabet name itself ( can be anything, i.e. name abbreviation).

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