How to make “Personal Data Mining”

“Personal Data Mining” is a kind of data mining task which tries to identify pattern or behavior about someone (or yourself) from their personal data. The sources of personal data can come from mobile communication usage, financial expenses, meals consumption, daily activity (exercise, sleep, entertainment etc), mood and social media interaction (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc). There are some tools that you can use to mine these data such as:

DAYTUM – it helps to collect and communicate statistics about your daily personal life. You can define what items you want to track (coffee, miles, sleep time etc) as category (beverage, amount, shopping etc). It has varieties of display types for presenting your data. You can also submit your data using mobile app (iPhone) and social media site (Twitter) for your convenience. (Free and premium service)
your.flowingdata(YFD) – it allows you to record personal data from just about anywhere using Twitter. It has interactive data visualization tool to explore your data in a meaningful way. It also helps to understand yourself by monitoring your growth and progress through data. (Free service)
mycrocosm – an online service that allows you to share snippets of information from daily life activity in the form of simple statistical graphs. In particular it provides an alternative to purely text based micro-blogging software. It encourages users to creatively use the visual forms provided to express whatever they may want about themselves or the world they are living in. Mycrocosm also allows for data entry from a mobile device. (Free service)

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