About Us

KrishHello, I am Krish, working as a SalesForce expert for the past ten years. I am one of those who is very much interested in exploring the new technologies for businesses. After finishing my graduation in business, my interest shifted towards CRM, which was relatively newer that time. I was also the one of the few business graduates, who advocated the benefits of cloud based CRM to the entrepreneurs. When cloud based CRM was first introduced in the market, I was able to see its potential. From then, I started mastering myself in the SalesForce. Today, SalesForce has become something desirable for the most companies.

The very purpose of my website is to enlighten the SalesForce users in various aspects of implementation, utilization and post-implementation upgrades. Most entrepreneurs, who are well aware of the benefits of the SalesForce CRM, were unable to recognize the importance of the training. It is important for any person to know how to use a tool or product efficiently. With the lack of knowledge, one could not tap the benefits of the SalesForce platform. Personally, I have seen many end users, finding difficult to work with SalesForce platform. This is the reason, why I emphasize more on SalesForce Training.

Being an expert in SalesForce, I enjoy providing training tips for the individuals and organizations. I am not someone, who wants to monetize all my knowledge. I am ready to share my knowledge to those, who are very much needy and interested. You could find various interesting topics and advice that would help you get a different insight on utilizing the SalesForce platform. If you have any questions and any objections to your content, feel free to notify me. I am ready to answer your questions. You can visit by website regularly to find out the latest news and updates with respect to the world of SalesForce.