Top 10 Search Competition of Data Mining Algorithms in Google, Yahoo & Bing

Following to my earlier post titled “Data Mining Trends“, I would like to know the popularity of data mining algorithms in major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing). Using keyword research tool, I managed to pull out top 10 data mining algorithms in these search engines. FYI, for the search competition, I used setting such as “keyword exists anywhere” in the page document. I also add keyword “algorithm” to  each of the data mining algorithm to make it specific that we try to search “data mining algorithms”, not something else. Maybe my approach is wrong, if so please correct me, OK.

By the way, have a look at the result of the top 10 data mining algorithms:

Data Mining Algorithms Google Yahoo Bing
C4.5 ALGORITHM 18,100,000 1,060,000 562,000
REGRESSION ALGORITHM 11,900,000 5,810,000 1,260,000
APRIORI ALGORITHM 9,140,000 59,900 1,090,000
NEURAL NETWORK ALGORITHM 8,870,000 7,870,000 1,560,000
K-MEANS ALGORITHM 4,680,000 219,000 9,470,000
SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE ALGORITHM 4,440,000 4,310,000 1,120,000
ID3 ALGORITHM 3,380,000 491,000 389,000
NEAREST NEIGHBORS ALGORITHM 2,370,000 763,000 530,000
GENETIC ALGORITHM 1,790,000 10,600,000 1,840,000
RIPPER ALGORITHM 487,000 1,650,000 350,000


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