Data Scientist Resources 2013

Big Data is still a hot talk for business intelligence and data mining people in 2013. In my previous post, i have researched about big data search trends in 2012. FYI, data scientist is a practitioner of data science. Below are top 10 resources to kick start becoming a data scientist by exploring big data online resources:

Data Science Central – the industry’s online resource for big data practitioners, including information about the latest in technology, tools and trends.
How to be a Data Scientist – article in Smart Data Collective describing set of skills you should have if you want to do data science.
Free Big Data Education – article in Big Data Republic that listed free online courses (MOOC) which you can take toward obtaining the requisite background for becoming a data scientist.
Data Science Tutorials – list of tutorials by Kaggle to perform data analysis using data scientist’s toolkit.
Data Science News in Social Media – compilation of latest news about data science.
Data Science Wikibooks – open book with a very basic introduction to data science.
CODATA – the International Council for Science (ICSU), which works to improve the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of data. Also resource for Data Science Journal.
GigaOM Big Data – latest big data tech stories.
5 Big Data Predictions for 2013 – some of the key big data themes to dominate 2013.
Top 5 Data Science Bloggers – article that listed top 5 data science blogs.

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