Data Mining Trends (2004-2010): By Country, City and Language

I managed to have a look at the current trend (using Google Trends) for data mining by country (search volume), city (traffic source) and language (search language). Although I am no surprise that most of the interest came from Indian people, what interest me is that Iranian also want to join the data mining community year by year!

So have a look: Data Mining Trend (2004-2010)

Country Ranking (Search Volume)
India 1
Pakistan 2
Taiwan 3
Hong Kong 4
Iran 5
Indonesia 6
Singapore 7
South Korea 8
Malaysia 9
Thailand 10
City Ranking (Traffic Volume)
Chennai (India) 1
Mahape (India) 2
Bangalore (India) 3
Delhi (India) 4
Mumbai (India) 5
Taipei (Taiwan) 6
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 7
Singapore (Singapore) 8
Jakarta (Indonesia) 9
Bangkok (Thailand) 10
Language Ranking (Search Language)
Indonesian 1
Korean 2
Thai 3
English 4
Chinese 5
Portuguese 6
Russian 7
Arabic 8
Italian 9
German 10


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